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There are three significant factors that serve as a major impetus for HOC 2020 to focus on the theme "In Plain Sight: The Hidden Truths of our Cosmic Legacy". The first rests at the doorstep of setting a much needed historical precedent, the second lies in taking the lead in a vital social imperative and the third is that which represents the touchstone of great wisdom. Here's the reason why.

Who are we?The political, social and economic turmoil witnessed in our local and global communities in the past few years has had a profound effect on us all. It’s causing us to ask bigger, deeper, more challenging questions. Questions like: Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? What is the true history of the human race? HOC 2020 has the philosophy that we must focus on the Lost Knowledge of where we come from before we can truly understand the Ancient Wisdom of where we are going on the path of our everyday lives.

The Human Origins Conference represents a serious approach to sensitive issues while remaining dedicated to providing hidden and suppressed knowledge on various topics that deeply affect us all. Be it economic, political or interstellar, this annual conference event targets those profound questions and global mysteries, while aiming to actively inform the general public on the issues we are all facing together as we come to terms with our own past, present and immediate future.

Where did we come from?

Revealing the fascinating realms of Earth’s cosmology, human origins, ancient history and lost wisdom, the Human Origins Conference carries a mission of sharing knowledge with the purpose of expanding the consciousness of humanity by presenting world-renowned researchers, writers and visionaries revealing such sensitive information.

Sponsored by the Cydonia Institute, the Human Origins Foundation and the New Mexico UFO and Paranormal Forum, the Human Origins Conference 2020 has an outstanding lineup of speakers including award-winning author Brad Olsen, Master of Ceremonies Emily Infinity, History Channel’s Jim Vieira and Hugh Newman as seen on “Search for the Lost Giants”, Gabriel Duran, Rich Daniels, Russell Brinegar and George Kavassilas, “Ancient Aliens” guests Randall Carlson, Andrew Collins, Rev. Michael J.S. Carter, George J. Haas, Dr. Brooks Agnew, Michael Lee Hill and Clifford Mahooty, as well as Collective Frequency’s Anthony and Tammy Chino. Our keynote speaker, Dr. Lynne Kitei, is an internationally acclaimed physician, health educator, award-winning documentarian and eyewitness on the “Phoenix Lights”, and has been featured on NBC, CNN, Dateline NBC, National Geographic, The Travel Channel and History Channel, to name a few. Visit the Speakers and Program sections for more information on each of our speakers and the conference schedule.


Where are we going?

Linda and Richard Smith are the executive directors of the Human Origins Conference, which has a prime directive that focuses on getting the word out regarding extraterrestrial intervention, alien contact, ancient history and the dynamic scope of our interstellar human origins here on Earth. The prime directive's mission includes a special focus on economic, social and geopolitical issues affecting Earth’s ecology, spirituality, reincarnation, lost knowledge, ancient wisdom, linguistics and etymology, the human condition and current affairs, to name a few.

Originally founded in 2011 by Richard Smith as the UFOteacher Global Initiative, the Human Origins Foundation carries a strong global presence representing a cross-disciplined educational platform that the Human Origins Conference has been built upon. As an evolving international network, the Foundation represents a collaboration of diverse interests throughout the world.

The Foundation comes from a powerful economic worldview with an understanding that all things are connected, realizing that no one subject is isolated unto itself. When it comes to tackling controversial, sensitive, hot-button topics and issues, the Foundation exists to educate and empower the general public to take a stand against the social and economic constructs of human degradation in all aspects of our global society. In doing so, humanity is given a fighting chance to reclaim our ancestral dignity as well as our original legacy among the stars.


What is the true history of the human race?

We know this is a tall order and none of us live in an ivory tower. However, both the Foundation and the Human Origins Conference pursue the realistic perspective that the glass is still half full. As such, we maintain that it is everyone's responsibility to stand up and do something to turn the tide so as to avert the unnecessary and inexcusable actions that have the potential of leading to our own extinction level event. Remember, you are the master of your own destiny, the captain of your own ship and the arbiter of your own fate. There is nothing that happens on this planet without our individual influence and universal connection. So, let's get down to brass tacks and accomplish something wonderful together! Wouldn't that be original? We think so. Welcome aboard!

Linda and Richard Smith currently reside in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. They are the published authors of four books and have been speaking locally and internationally with author events, interviews, lectures and conferences.

This event is organized by Richard and Linda Smith. Tickets are on sale now. Live streaming is available as an option. Open call for exhibitors and sponsorship opportunities.

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